Daphne du Maurier’s Moor

Have you ever been left wandering what inspires our great authors?

Daphne du Maurier spent much of her time on Bodmin Moor, and it was the moor and the people who lived there that influenced many of her works, the most well-known being the “Jamaica Inn”.

For those wishing to follow her steps a 4.2 mile walk to Minions and Cheesewring, or the slightly longer walk to the highest peaks in Cornwall “Roughtor” and “Brown Willy” might be just what is needed before lunch at the famous Jamaica Inn followed by a visit to the picturesque moorland village of Altarnum and it’s churge, commonly known as “The Cathedral of the Moors”. Both the church and rectory feature in the latest TV production of Jamaica Inn. It is believed that it was whilst talking to the vicar here that Daphne du Maurier gained her inspiration for writing Jamaica Inn.

Before leaving the moor you might like to pay a visit at the nearby Rising Sun in Treween where you can taste the local beer made from the natural moorland spring water at Penpoint Brewery.